Geth blockchain sync keeps getting stuck over and over again.

ordoeordoe tehranMember Posts: 132 ✭✭
Good morning eeeethniam!

I'm running several miners with the official golang implementation of ethereum (aka `geth`) as backend. This setup is pretty stable mining ether blocks and unlces one by one allowing a steady etherflow.

Except for one issue: Geth blockchain sync gets stuck once in a while. sometimes several days in a row, sometimes it works flawless for a week or two. Who else experiences such a behaviour? I'm always pulling the latest releases from the ethereum ubuntu repositories.

Is this a consensus issue? Is the network `forky` on some days. Or is it simply a software failure?

I don't have enough information to open a ticket on github, but would like to hear if anyone else experiences such a behaviour and maybe we could document the issue in detail and nail down the problem. Does the c++ client experience the same issues, btw? Questions, questions...

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