Questions about Windows C++ client

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    Installed the latest Windows C++ client. Was able to get this version of AlethZero working, connected to peers, and mining!

    Don't know if this is the right place to note the following but here are a few things I encountered:

    - I sent some wei from one of my addresses (address a) to another (address b). As that transaction was pending, I sent another transaction from (address a) to a third address (address c) of mine. I copied the address (address c) incorrectly when filling out the transaction and when I clicked send, it crashed AlethZero. When I reopened, (address b) was no longer listed as one of my 'owned accounts' although the transaction was listed in the blockchain. The other transaction went through fine.

    - I sent a note with one of my transactions but don't appear to be able to view that note.

    - My fee for sending a transaction increased when I added a note. However, when the transaction was added to the blockchain the original fee (as if there were no note) was charged.

    - I have had the same missing libwinpthread-1.dll error with the last two versions of eth.exe and testeth.exe.
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    Thank you for moving Ursium.
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    Am running the Windows POC client. All seems to work as expected except every now and then my account's balance changes downward. I don't send from this account, only mine, for a few days it will go steadily upwards, got up to 397ether then dropped down to 125, then climbed back up to 500+ and today was back down to 100. The account is dbc3084dd5beff679da7f91788b8a8160503b53a. I know it's not real yet but thought you might want know this is happening.
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    sorry, but I don't quite follow the Git Hub building on Windows instructions here:
    Are we saying I have to install Ubuntu on my Windows 7 machine or I have to set up Visual Studio Basic 2013?
    Ok, I decided to try Visual Studio Express but I have to wait to understand the instructions because everything is in Japanese.
    I'd like to try mining just to see if it works.
    If anyone else is a neophyte in this I'd appreciate your comments.
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    Try using the C++ Version for windows instead of a build from source..
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