Dual Graphics Mining: AMD A8 7600 APU - XFX R7 370 2GB - 20Mh

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I though I'd share my specs. I had been wondering about a setup like this, and couldn't find any info. So I went ahead and built it anyways. Video card stock does about 16.3 Mh by itself. Dual graphics configuration does about 18.4 Mh at stock clocks.

Overclocked APU GPU to 1029 Mhz from 720 Mhz in bios. Turned off spread spectrum in bios. Overclocked video card in windows to 1200 Mhz GPU, and 1500 Mhz ram, to get the whole rig up to 20 Mh/s

OS: Win 8.1 64
Driver: 15.11 Crimson
Power supply: Corsair 850 Gold rating
Motherboard: MSI A88XM-E45
APU: AMD A8 7600 - Stock Clock Speeds
APU IGP Clock: 1029 Mhz
Bios dual graphics: ON
APU MEM in BIOS: 2048 MB
Memory: 2 x 4GB AMD R9 DDR3 2400 Mhz @ 2133 Mhz
Video Card: XFX R7 370 2Gb 1050 Mhz GPU 1400 Mhz Ram
GPU Clock: 1200 Mhz
GPU MEM: 1500 Mhz:
Watts at wall: 243
Mh/s: ~20


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    Too little for too much energy. Not good I'm afraid.. get rid off the card. Sell it on ebay and buy a R9 280x or used 7950 and you will get 25 Mh/s for less than 200 watt.
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    the 280x has 2048 cores and wikipedia says the chip has a tdp of 250 watts.

    My setup has 1024 cores on the graphics card with a tdp of 150 watts, and 384 cores on the apu with a total tdp of 65 watts, including the processors. My computer idles at about 66 watts, full load mining is 243 watts, giving me 20Mh for 177 watts.

    This is not a guess at wattage, I have a meter telling me amperage pull, from the wall at 110v AC, and this is running two hard drives, two ram sticks, etc. A whole working desktop computer, not just the card.

    I'd love to see a picture or video of a rig with a 280x pulling 25Mh, AND drawing less than 200 watts, FROM the WALL. I'll go get one tomorrow.
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    When you run command ethminer -G -M what do you get when benchmarking r7 370?
    I have gigabyte one and in benchmark it gives me only 10Mh/s while it should be much more.
    What driver version do you have installed and what OSare you running?
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    I got mine working, bios update helped.
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    Mine is configured in dual mode, It is using the apu graphics as well. card by itself was about 18Mh/s.
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    Thanks for sharing. I have been messing around with APU's to improve hashrate as well. I have yet to overclock anything, but I have one machine with a R9 390 / A10 7870 that gets between 27 and 34 Ghash (calculated). Something like 365 watts at the wall using a Kill-a-Watt which I think is pretty good, right?
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    When someone posts on a very old thread on a forum, it is called gravedigging.

    Gravedigging is frowned upon because the topic of the thread is usually dead - hence the term gravedigging.
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