Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science - Buckminster Fuller's approach mixed with Ethereum

Hi everyone,

I've been reading and studying R. Buckminster Fuller works (about Design Science), and I think Ethereum can be a very powerful tool to keep on his work ("create a sustainable feature for all humanity"). The BFI and Singularity University could be great places to start digging.

Anyone who would like to think in terms of macro-comprenhensive projects/solutions using Ethereum for humanity's grand challenges?

"The function of what I call design science is to solve problems by introducing into the environment new artifacts, the availability of which will induce their spontaneous employment by humans and thus, coincidentally, cause humans to abandon their previous problem-producing behaviors and devices. For example, when humans have a vital need to cross the roaring rapids of a river, as a design scientist I would design them a bridge, causing them, I am sure, to abandon spontaneously and forever the risking of their lives by trying to swim to the other shore."

- R. Buckminster Fuller, from Cosmography

Design Science is a problem solving approach which entails a rigorous, systematic study of the deliberate ordering of the components in our Universe. Fuller believed that this study needs to be comprehensive in order to gain a global perspective when pursuing solutions to problems humanity is facing.

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  • FreddyFenderFreddyFender Member Posts: 39
    I find what we are confronted with is a huge resource of left-brain engineering designers who wish to lead the tracks of innovation. Creative thinkers rarely find commune with harsh, judgemental pragmatists. I have read extensively on the singularity and was drawn directly to Bitcoin as a result of these studies. The global solutions are brought down to a simple arrow - pass the threshold of acceptance and understanding. We must allow for grandmothers and luddites to comprehend what we find fascinating. It is great that we can debate these issues as deep thinkers and designers, but I suggest a less competitive course: cooperative inclusion.
  • unimerciounimercio Member Posts: 11
    Thanks for your post.
    My right brain brought me to P2P currencies a couple three years ago. A purposeful existence, service to others, decentralization, rage against the machine, etc.. But, it's my left that speculates, builds and pay the bills.

    I have great expectations that Ethereum will satisfy both of our hemispheres.

    It'll take dreamers and doers.
  • LeanLean Member Posts: 28 ✭✭
    *("create a sustainable FUTURE for all humanity") sorry for the misspelling.

    @FreddyFender totally agree, and much liked the "cooperative inclusion". I think Bitcoin and Ethereum can make a creative destruction and not just a twist or a fork in the actual established system, but making some of the most greedy corporations and corrupt governments obsoletes (starting with the most undeveloped countries, where we will see a "Reverse Innovation", until we see in the next 50 years a global stabilization and unification).

    @unimercio that's what I'm here, and what I found more interesting about Ethereum rather than other crypto currencies.
  • MilanMilan San Diego, CAMember Posts: 46
    I'll read more, but what you presented above sounds exactly like what Satoshi did. "Here you go, world. I call this Bitcoin. Enjoy!"
  • LeanLean Member Posts: 28 ✭✭
    Kinda, @Milan. But not sure Satoshi had the same vision than Buckminster Fuller.

    Fuller was more about Planet/Nature (solving humanity problems, cf. "Operating Spaceship Earth"). Satoshi was more about Mathematics/Cryptography (testing socially 2 hypothesis, cf. "Bitcoin Protocol"). Both wanted to impact worldwide, but the first one using a biomimicry approach, and the second one a technological approach.

    The beautiful thing, is that Universe can be mostly explained with Mathematics, so I'm sure both theories and works can collide at some point. It just need a good observation and analogy of both projects.
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