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I will be creating a mining reward for whoever mines the current block . I will be using the suggestion right from the Frontier tutorial on how to create tokens. If I simply cut and paste the text as follows from the tutorial:

You could for example reward ethereum miners, by creating a transaction that will reward who found the current block:

mapping (uint => address) miningReward;
function claimMiningReward() {
if (miningReward[block.number] == 0) {
coinBalanceOf[block.coinbase] += 1;
miningReward[block.number] = block.coinbase;

when I enter the code exactly as it appears above, naturally, I get error messages. Q: WHAT DO I NEED TO ADD, AND WHERE, TO UNLEASH THIS THING?
I would like my token reward to be = to 1 of my freshly registered tokens per block found.

Thank You. And Thank Vitalik and the DEV Team for broadening our horizons.
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