How do I get event log information from pyethereum?

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So I've got some tests that create contracts with pyethereum and do various things with them, but I'm puzzled over how to get information about events they log.

A simplified example:
from ethereum import tester as t s = t.state() code = """contract LogTest { event LogMyNumber(uint); function LogTest() { } function logSomething() { LogMyNumber(4); } }""" logtest = t.state().abi_contract(code, language='solidity', sender=t.k0) logtest.logSomething() #number_i_logged = WHAT DO I DO HERE? #print "You logged the number %d" % (number_i_logged)

I run this and get:
No handlers could be found for logger "eth.pow" {'': 4, '_event_type': 'LogMyNumber'}

That json that's getting printed is the information I want, but can someone explain, or point me to an example, of how I might capture it and load it into a variable in python so that I can check it and do something with it? There seems to be something called log_listener that you can pass into abi_contract that looks like it's related but I couldn't figure out what to do with it.


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