Light client for a DApp

Hi all. I'm planning to use Ethereum to build a DApp for a local coin and marketplace at my city (Alcalá de Henares, Spain).

I want that any person may use the application for their interchanges. But I find that currently the only way to execute a DApp is inside a specific Ethereum browser. I'd like that people may use the app from any computer in a normal browser or even a mobile phone, and connect to the same account from more than one machine, without needing to install a full node in each one.

I'm thinking in the approach of writing a normal web application (with a python, java or javascript server and a javascript client), in which the server is also an Ethereum node (or connects to one), and the web app acts as a gateway to the Ethereum contracts. The node would hold an Ethereum account for each user, and give acces to it to the users via a password or similar. I know that this probably reduce the security and decentralization of the system, but i find it a good tradeoff for usability. And there is no need of having only one server, we can install several of them.

Do you think this is a razonable approach? Or am i very lost in the way? Is there any project or tool that does something similar? Thanks.
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