Confusing Terminology in Ethereum

I've noticed that Ethereum wants to honor the cypherpunks by giving certain amounts of ETH their names like szabo, finney and wei. That's ok but it certainly does create more confusion, especially when reading guides and tutorials on Ethereum. Better to write '.00001 ETH' than to write '10 szabo'. It's really annoying to refer to another guide when reading a guide.

Just a suggestion.


  • DrSluiceDrSluice Member Posts: 26
    I just spent two days trying to send a Transaction to my second account. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why my funds were not being sent. My balance would change only slightly but never go to zero. I was stumped, until I figured out that I was sending wei and not ether due to a syntax error in my value: line. I guess I could have been sending shanon or finney as well if that was my intention. Admittedly, terminology is downright frustrating, but then again, ultimately I learned something new and next time I get mad and want to jump out the window I will know that I'm close to another breakthrough.
  • tokeweedtokeweed Member Posts: 42
    Learning something new is good. But the point is to keep it simple is also good too.
  • ethereumnickethereumnick Member Posts: 49
    Talking of terminology, what about the use of the word "Gas". The idea that it costs eth to use the EVM (e t h e r e u m Virtual Machine) has grown a whole language of it's own around "Gas price".

    Changing the name of "Gas" to something else has been put forward. It could be Mana or Lux or something else, but whatever the unit price of running e t h e r e u m contracts might be, it needs to be both understandable to the casual user who overhears it (this is not a user facing term so they don't need to Grok it, just not be put off or confused when journalists try to make all this make sense to the general public,) and tractable in the mind of a developer. This means that ideally it should be a unit of measurement rather than a proper noun though it seems to me that physics did well with splitting terms like watts amps and volts when describing electricity, so using the names of pioneers in the field is a good example to follow.

  • tokeweedtokeweed Member Posts: 42
    I don't really mind it. And it's good to honor the pioneers. But in Ethereums's case it's confusing and it takes a little getting used to. Maybe the solution is education. The first pages of guides and tutorials should be a diagram of the different units and terminologies in Ethereum.
  • tym4ttym4t Nagata-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo-ken, JapanMember Posts: 71 ✭✭✭
    You can always use the metric synonyms:
    1. wei
    2. Kwei
    3. Mwei
    4. Gwei
    5. ether
    6. grand
    7. Mether
    8. Gether
    9. Tether
    10. Pether
    11. Eether
    12. Zether
    13. Yether
    14. Nether
    15. Dether
    16. Vether
    17. Uether
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