True Skype - the return of the decentralization

Imagine a "Skype" like service that runs completely on decentralized infrastructure which is truly owned by public with very low cost, it is possible now with the help of Ethereum and WebRTC.

* Run on decentralized "cloud" - Ethereum

Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs decentralized apps: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.

* Peer to peer real-time communications enabled by WebRTC

Using open standard WebRTC, we now can create peer to peer communications easily on modern browsers and mobiles, including a/v conference, chat and other generic data sharing.

* Fully open source

Running on public decentralized "cloud" means transparency and open source. It will be a public service in its true sense, and operates and evolves for as many years as public needs it.

* Protect your privacy and freedom

Although running on public infrastructure, anonymity can be protected by strong cryptography. Adding peer to peer communications further increases the difficulties of tracing individual's activities, and protects personal freedom.

* Super nodes 2.0: decentralized relays getting paid

We still have an imperfect internet infrastructure, and it will stay like this for a while. More than half of the peer to peer communications need a relay. Skype used to use "super nodes" to solve this, users who run Skype were sharing their bandwidth for others.

Under Ethereum, the sharing can be incentivized. Whoever shares the bandwidth will get paid with Ethereum cryptocurrencies.

* Not a free lunch

Running programs on Ethereum costs "cryptocurrencies" since you are using others' computing resources. Using super nodes 2.0 also will cost you too.

But we are already paying existing "free services" unknowingly in many ways:

- giving up your privacy to profit-seeking service providers
- government entities spending your tax supposedly to protect public security(NSA? Great Firewall?)
- more subtly, startups provide "free" services are funded mostly by cheap credit funneled from central banking, which eventually are paid by inflation without needing voluntary contracts signed by currency holders.

* Call for Kickstarter project

If this idea thrills you and you want to make it happen, and also you have strong conviction in faith of protecting individual freedom, drop a message to me and hope we can make it happen as a Kickstarter project.

EMail: [email protected]
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