My geth loses connection/peers occasionally.

4gun4gun Member Posts: 16
I use geth winx64 v.1.2.3 and have port 30303 forwarded on my router.
Firewall is completely off and still don't get more than 4-5 peers to be connected to.
They all occasionally drop and I keep mining my own fork. If I notice in time I will
restart geth and it will connect again to 4-5 (maybe 7) peers but nowhere near 15 or so
it used to connect before. Any idea? Is there a newer geth?


  • farwarefarware Member Posts: 116
    Do you have a 2nd PC where you can install geth? Make sure to forward 8545 as well for JSONrpc and stuff.

    Make sure you have the latest geth.. you may have to compile it yourself but that is a lot easier on Ubuntu so get a 2nd PC and install Ubuntu, then compile geth
  • 4gun4gun Member Posts: 16
    It shouldn't matter for port 8454 since my miners and wallet are in the same network, also it is not secure to have the rpc port open to everybody. Thank you for your advice, but I'd rather stick to windows.
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