someone control my rigs, everyone be careful of each mod ethmienr.

davidrentaodavidrentao Member Posts: 60
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i can said my friend send me mod ethmienr, but i thought it's big mistake i believe him long long time, around one years. he away said he got skill on mod each miner. i believe him, using all day re-install my rig system when when i found virus last two days, but now i still outside, i need re-install again rig system.

i know him control my rigs last time, bcz i only give him my VNC address and prot. also password and login data. however i free support him bitcoin to him, i thought around 10btc last time. he away said need add cards, i want make both-win.

but i am mistake believe him and i shutdown my all rig now, it's around 10G eth hash, i need rest!! i am very sad.

so please don using mod ethmienr if you cannot control your hash, and VNC or other tools must be make password!!! i lost around 2 hours ele-cost on mine, it's not big money to me, i thought.

this guy eth address "0xefd77bdff70b440cd0533118a6388e2d393bed01", i already write messages to each pools and selling desktop to control this account.

so be careful someone will kill you behind you head. good luck everyone.


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