Mining but no balance after many days, help?

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Looking for suggestions/help.
Mining with two AMD 7850 2GB video cards on Windows 10 using geth. Used the following guide ( to get started and everything seems to be working, i see "Mining on PoWhash #etc......" and it appears to be mining. I can see my account, and when I check balance it is still showing zero after about 5-7 days. Any ideas what I can do different vs the guides instructions or need to do?
Using command web3.formWei(eth.getBalance(eth.coinbase), "ether") to check balance and see 0 as the result.
Thanks for any ideas you might have.


  • MrYukonCMrYukonC Member Posts: 627 ✭✭✭
    You haven't mined any blocks yet. Simple as that. What is the hashrate for that video card? 20 MH/s? Less?

    Using 20 MH/s and any of the online mining calculators, you should mine a block every 4 - 5 days. BUT... with block variance, it could be even worse.

    If your hashrate is lower, then it will be even worse yet.

    Here is a decent mining calculator:
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    Here is a screenshot. Looks like 29 MH/s. Not sure why balance zero. As you mentioned I must not be mining but not sure how if the mining screen is showing mining data and grabbing new blocks and continuing.
    Any suggestions on what step I should take at this point?

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    Easiest way is to join a pool ( for example or any other ) and see if pool accepts your shares.
    Like MrYukonC said: on average you will find a block in 4-5 days, but with block variance it can be even 10 times longer ( or shorter if you are lucky :) )
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    jumped on a pool and it seems to be working. Guess it was just taking forever. Will update if any further issues. Still awaiting first payout on pool for final confirmation.
  • skithunoskithuno Member Posts: 74
    perhaps your account isn't configured properly?
    in the go-ethereum console type:

    If this returns '0x0' that means you're mining rewards will get sent into a big black hole. Fix this by typing the following inside the geth java scrypt console:

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