Is ethereum an oxymoron?

Shouldn't ethereum be the language that connects multiple distributed block chains instead of the language of one gigantic (centralized) distributed chain?


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    You can build SPV clients in Ethereum contracts.

    As per Vitalik's note on the bitcointalk forums:
    (1) The sub-currency can be fully stored as a contract (space heavy, time heavy)
    (2) The Merkle root of the sub-currency state tree can be stored in a contract, and the leaves off-chain. Each update to the tree is validated by the contract (space light, time heavy)
    (3) Two blockchains, but where the Ethereum chain includes an SPV client of the other chain (space light, time light)

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    Hi Ursium, thanks for the response.

    I'm trying to zoom out a little.

    Why is a single block chain using a single api a better distributed system than multiple block chains inter-communicating through multiple apis?

    Isn't one goal to be as decentralized and distributed as possible?
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    I'm not sure I understand the question @cointon, the system is distributed because all the nodes run all the contracts. Having 1 or 1,000 blockchains make no difference with regards to distribution. Ethereum also support external chains out of the box.
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    I guess my original question is a straw man.

    From what I understand now, Ethereum's goal is to create a more flexible system of trust as opposed to creating something that is ideologically completely decentralized.

    Please feel free to delete this thread if you like.

    Wish ethereum the best and don't want to imply anything negative.
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    Don't worry Cointon, the thread can stay. Furthermore, I know that Vitalik is currently looking at some of Peter Todd's ideas about variable-security swappable merged-mined chains.
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