AMD HD7450 2GB only reporting 1GB memory

csuwi1csuwi1 Member Posts: 2
Hi all,
I thought I'd try dipping a toe in GPU mining and picked up a HD7450, which supposedly has 2GB of memory. I'm running on Linux, and the Xorg.log file reports
[ 26677.963] (--) fglrx(0): Video RAM: 2097152 kByte, Type: DDR3

But clinfo, and ethminer, both report 1GB:
Max memory allocation: 1073741824
Global memory size: 1073741824

[OPENCL]:OpenCL device Caicos has insufficient GPU memory.1073741824 bytes of memory found < 1423739904 bytes of memory required
No GPU device with sufficient memory was found. Can't GPU mine. Remove the -G argument

I'm (clearly) new to the world of OpenCL. Is this a "not all RAM is created equal" sort of thing with only some of that 2GB available to GPU calcs, or is there something I can do?


PS - fglrx-driver Version: 1:14.9+ga14.201-2


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