Will the algorithm constantly change?

BeeFer310BeeFer310 Member Posts: 6
If you say that there will be a steady research in the mining algorithm. Does it mean that you will try to keep this Coin CPU only by changing the algoritm if there is a workaround for GPUsor ASICs?


  • LukeBurgessLukeBurgess Member Posts: 5
    edited March 2014
    "Or if some part of the process required a human's attention? If it took a human hour to receive a dollar of trickle down at the bottom, those millions of wallets would require some serious hours to make them work." Stated by @sjenkins

    I think this idea of human required processing, for the mining task, would be amazing and totally set Ethereum apart from all other crypt-networks.
  • LukeBurgessLukeBurgess Member Posts: 5
    Miners could do something like play Go(the encircling game), then the script can verify the winner. An average human should win ~50% of the time.
  • haasboerhaasboer Member Posts: 8
    Personally I would hope that mining algorithms are changed only to support the concept of rewarding people for maintaining the currency. So if an algorithm is developed that supports that, but gets to run on GPUs or ASICs it should not be changed. If the algorithm no longer supports that (like in the case of Bitcoin clones and now Litecoin also) it should be changed to encompass the missing aspects of maintenance.
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