Supernode Standard Initiative & Multi-sig wallet for Ethereum

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Dear Ethereum community,

I’m a co-founder of HolyTransaction, Ambisafe and also took CxO roles in many other cryptocurrency projects.

Today i’m excited to share the results of the project that kept me busy over the last year with Ethereum community. From my experience i know that wallet companies are getting a lot of requests to integrate new currencies and normally not able to satisfy them due to limited engineering and server resources. There was no easy way to solve it with existing SaaS-based wallet architecture. Until now. Ambisafe is the first of its kind SaaP cryptocurrency wallet that any company can deploy to their server. It has multi-sig in it and can be plugged into any cryptocurrency / asset network.

Think of it like a Wordpress for cryptocurrency services. It is a platform with a set of API’s that let anyone extend it with they want without wasting 6-12 months on re-inventing wheels.

Our goal was to make it stupid simple to integrate new crypto assets. Now it’s time to see if we’ve managed to achieve it.

Last week we have released the first public version of our product and it already has Ethereum plugin built-in. Currently it works only with Ether currency, but new version that will let you invoke any contract methods with multi-sig is scheduled for release on the next week.

Our product targets enterprise clients and this is the easiest way for them to launch service that works with Ethereum. Besides Tether we have a bunch of projects in development that we can’t talk about yet.

Currently it works with Etherscan as supernode API provider, but we are excited to see more integrations.

If you find this interesting please proceed to the following link:

I'll be happy to answer any questions.

Andrey Zamovskiy & Ambisafe Team
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