Ethereum Logo Submission - too late??

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I must have had the worst luck ever, i have been brainstorming and designing for days and was about to post my submission yesterday when my broadband was disconnected by my provider for 24 hours (i have proof if anyone ask).

I logged in to forum to post my submission and was adding few last touches in PS, and the thread was closed right before my eyes :(

I know the rules but i spent hours making few designs so i may as well post it in case anyone care and like it.

Design 1

Ethereum is the ultimate programming language to implement decentralized applications, the brackets in logo represents just that.

Design 2

The four E's represents the different ideas (implementations) that are possible in Ethereum, the different directions represent different and decentralized possibilities with Ethereum, the different colors represent openness for different cultures and their requirements.

The four colors also represent the four elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire) where everything can be built on top of Ethereum.

Design 3

A mix of first and second design with the brackets representing the programming language, and the letters represent the building blocks that makes this possible, and finally the colors which are described in design 2.

I didnt want to have my ides and work go to waste so i posted this here anyway, 20 min too late :(
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    Nice logos. I was looking at the ending date Thursday, but was careless in paying attention to time zones, and the time turned out to be Wednesday at 11pm for me. Ursium is in London, so think way ahead. :) Still not sure why it was ended at 6am GMT instead of at the end of the day. Would have also liked to have submitted a design idea.
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