Cant Sync blockchain using Alethzero

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I just cannot sync the blockchain on Alethzero install. I have been able to and I can see my ether in the wallet, but for the life of me I cannot connect to any peer and I cannot sync the blockchain at all.

I've tried enabling network and connecting to the, but it still shows 1/2 peers and I cannot syn at all. Do I have to manually add more peers?

I keep getting this when I try enable network: N X 18:15:10|p2p|a979fb57…|Geth/v1.2.3-6962eda1/linux/go1.5.1 Couldn't interpret packet. [ 0x3D, 0x1, 0x200EFD8BEA6514DD, 0x1E93FCDAD5399B57DE4ABCE9945C57233086D3C49EA3425179029F31493442F1, 0xD4E56740F876AEF8C010B86A40D5F56745A118D0906A34E69AEC8C0DB1CB8FA3 ]

I am on Windows 8.1 X64

Someone please help.
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