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  • ciskocisko HollandMember Posts: 35
    He Chas,

    I came across this sentence:

    "Before the Renaissance, scholarship was based on well you could memorize the works of..."

    Think there is missing a 'how'.
  • chasosgchasosg Member Posts: 51
    You're right. Thanks, I'll make a note of it.

    I have a new theory that typos are infinite. Well, I'd better hire a proof reader when turning this paper into a book.

    I'm in the middle of my second white paper on intellectual property right now. It uses the same sort of epistemology to scientifically explain the nature and management of IP. Three new fundamental concepts in it. I want to get into it but my wife is making me do Christmas stuff.

    I'll be able to focus on it full-time after the first of the year. Not sure I should give it away for free like the OSG paper, though -- still struggling with that decision.
  • ciskocisko HollandMember Posts: 35
    I think I saw a few more typos. But I thought I won bother you with all that.

    I knew about the Socrates thing and was happy to read about it.

    And every time when I think "What's that he's writes there, is that true?" And I find myself that, yes indeed, you are. But still not totally sure in all cases. Maybe I will get back on a few things later on.

    Back in those days, the spreading of the catholic church so fast, was also because of the huge power vacuum the Romans left. And this was filled up by the Merovingians and the Carolingians who were appointed by the pope.

    Maybe you can put your second online for download for a ETH fee?

    Anyway I think your white paper is Interesting and I'll read on.

    But my girlfriend and family are also into this X-mess stuff...

  • chasosgchasosg Member Posts: 51
    Hey Cisko,

    Didn't know about the Carolingians and Merovingians. But I have read about the history of education after the fall of Rome and the history of the universities in Europe.

    Put next paper up for a ETH fee? That's a pretty good idea. A small ETH payment. I could accept other crypto currencies, too. I think you might have solved my problem.

    Good, I'm glad you're getting into the OSG paper and thinking about the stuff. I worry when someone says they like it too quickly. The only way to get it is to think everything through on your own and it takes time. All dogma must be on a leash!

    Yes, due to xmas everything is going to stop until after Jan 1. That's why I'm not bothering to post much about OSG right now. I think I have to start a new thread on the forum, though. Too many comments now on this one. It's become non-obvious how to download the paper. I'm noticing more people looking at this thread but not downloading. I think it's because the link to the download page is hard to see.

    Thanks again for the suggestion of next paper for ETH.
  • ciskocisko HollandMember Posts: 35
    The reason that I mentioned the Maya Dreamspell is because I find its calendar is perfected with the 13 moons a year with 13 . 28 (days) = 364 + 1 day out of time = 365.

    And I also I like the shift in thinking as from 'time is money' in to 'time is art'.

    Some claim the Maya Dreamspell is a 3D form of a calendar and there is this thing called 'synchronicity'.

    Note that the Gregorian calendar from 1582 is very outdated with it's leap years. And also that the name December is derived from the Roman 'decem' meaning 10. Why is that?

    Than you have all these irregular days in months vary from 28 to 31. It's what José Argüelles called the mechanization of time.

    "Our innate sense of time was transformed into an automatized abstraction with the perfection of the mechanical clock."

    Btw, did you mean this with OSAI?
  • chasosgchasosg Member Posts: 51
    Hi Cisko,

    Sorry about delay. My wife has me busy doing xmas stuff. No the OSAI link you posted is not it. It's here:

    And here's a BBC article about Open AI HERE:

    Mayan calendar is interesting but I have my hands full just trying to get people to understand they have to integrate OGS algorithms into their Ethereum projects if they expect them to work long term. I've been talking to a guy building a thing called "Pax." He sees Ethereum and smart contracts being the basis of a new kind of "law." But he has to clarify his thinking a bit to fully understand the difference between contracts and law. Law is a set of rules handed down by a central state that has authority over you. Contacts are a negotiated exchange. Big difference.

    What happens if you don't get this distinction? Exactly what's happening to Uber, now. Uber was this great (and popular) new technology that offered freedom instead of the old legacy taxi monopolies. It was so popular and impressive that I started using it as an example to explain to people what "libertarian" means. I'd say, "Libertarian is like Uber ... for everything."

    But now sadly the Uber drivers in the U.S. are unionizing. By doing so, they're dragging old legacy State technology into their cars with them. Unionization is the death of Uber. That's what will happen to Ethereum based projects if developers don't integrate OSG algorithms.
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