Would you use a computation bounty contract?

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I'm looking for a good starter project, and I'm wondering if there's interest in a contract that rewards people for telling it the computationally-confirmable answer to a question. Some example uses:

* Rewarding discoverers of new large primes (rewarding provision of a public good).
* Rewarding proofs (or disproofs) of mathematical conjectures
* Offering rewards for solutions to tractable problems that the rewarder lacks the resources or skill to solve. This could be anything from 'solve my homework problem' to 'what is a circuit design that satisfies constraints X, Y, and Z?'
* (In theory, you could also reward provision of private bads, like 'what is the private key corresponding to public key P?' Since the answer must be publicly revealed, bounty contracts are not a good tool for this, thankfully.)

Of course, answerers register their answers in obfuscated form first, so there's no danger of having them stolen.

Would you use this? If so, how often and for what? Is there a good use case I'm missing?

Would you use a computation bounty contract? 4 votes

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