Issues with Windows Build

I have been trying to install on Windows following instructions here

I am fine until I get to compile with Visual Studio (step 3). There is no such file in c:/webthree-umbrella/build, there is only cpp-ethereum.sln and then in libethereum there is ethereum.sln.

I have tried building both (from command line and visual studio community) but they both error out.

Has anyone had the same issues?




  • ordoeordoe tehranMember Posts: 132 ✭✭
    No idea how to build on windows, but here are two hints that may help:

    On linux i have to create the build directory myself before starting the build process. Did you try that?

    And if this does not work, try to include the error log (console output or similar) to your problem description.
  • fegarnicafegarnica Member Posts: 4
    I right clicked the solution file and opened it in Visual Studio 2013. It should load 61 projects. Then at that point you can build the entire solution from the Build menu at the top. I would load it and let it sit as it searches for all the dependencies.
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