e-Auction system for Privatisation and Lease

We are working on an e-Auction system for privatisation of state property in Ukraine, as a pilot project we have a capacity of launching the alpha version of a decentralized auction system next year. But things are yet on a conceptual level. In 2014 we contributed in launch of a state procurement e-auction system called Prozoro, that is more of a 2.5 version of a decentralized platform. By that we have accomplished to delegate the Server side API to 6 private companies, who mirror the procurement lots on their own web interfaces and receive the fixed amount of money for registering auction participants. The system is evolving additional players get pulled in.... but we think that concept can be moved even further by decentralising the the state central register for auction lots and itself the bidding module.

This new project for privatisation and lease as we think can be built on a blockchain model where:
1. Private UI providers: register participants + charge money for participation + advertise the auction lots
2. Formed auction lots are type of contracts carrying the minimal data example as: Geo-location (cadastre code), Starting price, and reference to the main info, timestamp and etc.
3. Lots (contracts) are distributed by nodes and validated that every UI has received the info
4. Bidding happens on a principle like a "timeblock"?, the (blocks or auction Lots) appears for a certain amount of time and IU participants just record their offers on it (like sending txt)... and as the time ends, "transaction" is hashed and blocked...

This is kind of a general description really the 0.0000001 version of a draft.... Questions are: Do you think that this type of e-auction is credible? is Ethereum the platform that can be used? Can the system trace back the winner (the last recorder on the timelot)?

We are open for any discussions, volunteers and ready to share everything we've got....
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