- Stratum upgrade incl. Stratum enabled miner & vardiff support

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We have recently upgraded to support a stratum based work distribution protocol. As we do not want our users to install a complicated proxy (like dwarfpool does) we created a stratum enabled ethereum miner.

With ethereum you loose mining time every time you submit a share solution to the pool server. So the frequency of found shares needs to be carefully balanced to keep the miner working and at the same time submit sufficient solutions to accurately account the hashrate of a miner. Historically this has been solved by providing shares with a fixed difficulty which is only a sub-optimal solution as miners with a very high hashrate will stop more often to submit solutions compared to miners with a lower hashrate.

The stratum module of now implements a vardiff algorithm which automatically adjusts the difficulty for a given miner to ensure optimal mining performance. Ideally your miner will submit, on average, 2 valid shares every 5 minutes. This will keep your miner busy to a high degree and at the same time ensure an accurate representation of the miners hashrate.

The new stratum miner is based of the ethminer codebase, the only difference is, that instead of regularly pulling the work from a farm server, it establishes a permanent connection to the pool server and the pool pushes new work to the miner. This gives the miners an advantage as they receive new work packages quicker compared to the traditional getwork based miner.

As our local tests were successful we would like to expand the user base further and gather more feedback. Please note that their might still be some unidentified issues with the miner.

Currently only Ubuntu 14.04 (64 Bit), Ubuntu 15.04 (64 Bit) and Windows 7 (64 Bit) are supported. Other 64 Bit linux versions might work as well. Mac builds are not available. Currently only mining on is supported (as other pools did not integrate the stratum protocol used by the miner).

Instructions to get started:
  • Download QtMiner:
  • Extract the zip archive
  • Start QtMiner using the following command: qtminer.exe -u . -G
  • Download QtMiner: qtminer.tgz for Ubuntu 14.04 | qtminer_1504.tgz for Ubuntu 15.04
  • Extract the archive: tar zxvf qtminer.tgz
  • Make the script executable: chmod +x
  • Start QtMiner using the following command: ./ -u . -G
As the miner as well as the stratum module is still in beta please monitor your miners closely during the first runs.

The source code of the miner is available at

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  • xyberxyber Member Posts: 40
    Would it be possible to provide a separate proxy similar with dwarpool to work with
    As much as possible, we would like to keep on using our own ethminer, not this separate qtminer.
    Its just that our own ethminer is specially made for our cards (CUDA) and is much faster than this qtminer which is specially made for AMD cards.
  • dr_pradr_pra Member Posts: 445 ✭✭✭
    You can also use the dwarfpool/coinotron proxy modules simply point them to:

    specify your account & rig name as username
  • coinotroncoinotron Member Posts: 138 ✭✭
    Coinotron proxy won't work.

    Our proxy is fork of original Slush mining_proxy. It fully supports Stratum protocol. Qtminer and dwarfpool proxy are not compliant with Stratum protocol. There is no worker authorization, no"mining.submit", "mining.subscribe" methods etc.
  • ShanghaiTimesShanghaiTimes Member Posts: 25
    The source code on Git is incomplete I think. Am I missing something? I'd like to try building on the Mac.

    ./QtMiner.h:2:10: fatal error: 'libethcore/EthashGPUMiner.h' file not found
  • workwork Member Posts: 2,084 ✭✭✭✭
    @ShanghaiTimes probably would have made more sense to create a new thread. This one was very very old.

    You need cpp-ethereum as well.
  • agent412agent412 Member, Moderator Posts: 293 mod
    @work hey, PM me, there's a couple people trying to get a hold of you, on here and on skype.
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