prblem is solo mining, wallet reakdown and miner shutdown or restart?

davidrentaodavidrentao Member Posts: 60
hi everyone, i got some problem in the mining in this time,anyone can help or give some tip to me?

1. firstly, i solo mining longtime ago, wallet sometime will be reakdown, miner cannot be connection with local network. i checking each miner due 8 hours each.restart wallet or miner if they stop mining. how to fixed wallet stable running the network with long time?
2. secondly, is miner DAG sometime need remove and make again DAG, but i thought miner everything be OK. such as hardware and system envirnment. i real don know what happen, sometime rig will be shutdown(must be hand-up system agian) or auto restart system.
3. thirdly, if someone can help me, i will support some coin to you, i know not free beer in this world.

thanks very much every viewer.
wish someone can help me fixing the problem.
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