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I have looked everywhere and I can not seem to find any simple article with the commands to solo mine on Ubuntu (linux mint). I have been pool mining now and realized with the amount of blocks I have found it would be better off for me to just solo mine. However, I cant seem to get the commands or order right. If you could tell me what to type in the geth console and then im not sure if I issue commands from geth or another terminal to start the miner. I would be running everything locally on 1 computer. I am also using 2 Nvidia GTX 970s so I believe I still need to add the cuda settings to the miner when I fire it up. Thanks for any help.


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    I don't think solo mining will be worth it for you -- trust me.

    I've tried it several times now with 400+ MH/s and it blows up in my face every time. The biggest issue will be your lack of connectivity with other nodes, which will result in a very high stale block rate. I've suffered from it and had it happen again just today -- 5+ hours mining, finally mined a block, didn't receive credit for it.

    With 2 GTX 970s you will be better off with a pool. Which pool have you been mining with?
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    I've read from a few people that they are finding blocks at a normal rate even with a very low hashrate compared to mine (38 MH/s). But if it isn't worth the trouble then i'll probably stick to a pool. I am on suprnova right now but am exploring other options at the moment. I was have the best results on Onepool but that guy fell off the earth so I lost about 5 eth on there.
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    Have those people reported back regularly? It is not uncommon to have lucky streaks, which people love to talk about. But, you never hear them brag up their unlucky streaks. :wink:

    I mined on Onepool for a while too and had decent success there. Fortunately, I did not lose any eth to him because I had already moved on.

    I have had good luck for a while now with

    You should check it out.
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