[WTS] Ether for Coke cap codes

Whoever is in to my coke rewards, this is for you!

Why spend a dollar or more on a bottle of pop and getting just one little code from it, when you could easily spend sixty three cents' worth and get the code instead? I have in my possession around 200 caps, ranging from coke to powerade, just sitting in a bag on my shelf. I acquired them a long time ago, buying sodas or just taking them from the side of the road, various places, hoping to sell them for bitcoin. But the price rose too high before I had a chance to sell them for a whole coin each. So why not instead sell them for one whole Ether instead? You'd be saving a few cents to say the least ;)

If anyone's interested, PM me with how many codes you'd like. Once I receive Ether, I'll send the codes, along with pictures of each cap for verification. We can even go so far as to deploying a contract that'll hold the code until Ether is received, then release code(s) and ether to the proper people. But it isn't required - I don't have a dedicated node just yet. Which is, again, why I'd like to sell the codes. So they'd be going to a good cause!

Thanks for reading. Hope to gain some business here real soon! :)

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