Is it possible to isolate ethereum network in specific country?

Hi, Guys

Do you think that is it possible to isolate ethereum network in specific country?

China and Russia are conservative country in internet and blockchain tech.

If specific country (such as China) want to disconnect ethereum from other internet world, is it possible technically?

By controlling ISP in China, google services are blocked in China.

So, If China want to disconnect ethereum network by controlling ISP (block ethereum protocol, ports), is it possbile?

Can it be possible that China's ethereum node can not syncronize with other internet world in some future?



  • ethereumnickethereumnick Member Posts: 49
    Tunnelling can get all sorts of data through all sorts of firewalls but there is a latency cost (if you've ever used TOR you know that that sort of thing comes at a price.) So (I guess) that the problem is not total isolation but rather latency.

    No one having to circumvent a suitably obnoxious firewall is going to be winning any mining races. Think of the old prison break trick of dressing up as a washer woman :) if your data has to be dribbled in and out hidden inside other packets then sure you can stay "connected" to the network, even now 'anyone' in China can get to a proscribed address but only if they go that extra step of running TOR or some other tunnel.
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