Firefox console annoyance

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I'm being driven bananas by something weird in the Firefox debugger console.

Suppose there's been enough printed to the console that it's started scrolling. Then, each time I enter something to evaluate in the input box, e.g., 1+2+3, my input and the result is added to the console, looking a bit like this:
>> 1+2+3
<- 6
Then the console scrolls so that both input and result are shown.

However, if I execute web3.eth.getTransaction, this doesn't happen. Appropriate data is added to the console, and it scrolls, but it only scrolls far enough to show the input. I then need to scroll manually to see the result as well.

So if I evaluate, say, web3.eth.getTransaction("0x7c5b59ab9d9e6aba41761e49a1b4a88016288891e305b4e29f247dc7d87e0826"), the console scrolls only enough to show the following:
>> web3.eth.getTransaction("0x7c5b59ab9d9e6aba41761e49a1b4a88016288891e305b4e29f247dc7d87e0826")
There's output as well, but I have to move my hand to the mouse and spin the wheel to see it:
<- Object { hash: "0x7c5b59ab9d9e6aba41761e49a1b4a8801…", nonce: 43, blockHash: "0x4d62ddb057c8ce76b0baffcb71f2b28a3…", blockNumber: 3507, transactionIndex: 0, from: "0x44255127cd24a8e887a8c7f9481958258…", to: "0xf96527ef4765d2b659ea5decdef9816c9…", value: Object, gas: 1000000, gasPrice: Object, 1 more… }
This gets annoying, quickly!

This also applies to web3.eth.getTransactionFromBlock.

I've tried evaluating other expressions that evaluate to objects that are displayed over multiple lines with a "N more..." bit at the end, but the console scrolls them into view just fine.

Anybody got any ideas why this might be happening, and/or what I can do to fix it?


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