Transaction sent but not mined using eth

mvdbmvdb Member Posts: 3
Hi there,

I was able to send a transaction to create a contract using eth's option console. I see the transaction in the logs, but it is never mined. I don't really understand why:
- my CLI is started with mining options ( and I can see logs indicating that it's mining )
- I set the --ask and --bid very low

Plus, when I increase verbosity to the maximum, I can see something like: "Safely dropping transaction" (source here). Usually dropping would say something bad happened, but I'm kinda confused here...
$ eth --version
eth version 0.9.41
eth network protocol version: 61
Client database version: 12041
Build: Darwin/clang/int/Release
Edit: Also using geth I was able to make it work and I was able to set the gas price to a low value. With eth it doesn't seem possible, and the gasPrice seems pretty high see:
> web3.eth.gasPrice
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