Reposium: A Decentralized Wikipedia as a DCO

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Hey guys, I've been working on this concept of the future of Wikipedia as a DCO for a while now. Just published the first version of the concept on medium today:
Or if you want the GDrive version (with comments):

I'm right now looking for more people that want to collaborate on this and make it happen. If you are interested in this, please let me know ;)


  • ordoeordoe tehranMember Posts: 132 ✭✭
    Subscribing ;-)
  • xloemxloem Member Posts: 1
    This looks incredibly exciting and I would love to be involved!
    I'm concerned that the planning document does not seem to have an eye towards preventing disruption of material, at all. Situations like wikipedia often have people involved who will invest significant energy in supporting or harming controversial concepts. The plans need to protect conflicting interests from each other at every layer.

    For example, IPFS is not reliable storage for controversial concepts because it uses S/Kademlia and partial Bittorrent, both of which are susceptible to targetted censorship of material.
  • RadivisRadivis Member Posts: 6
    Looks interesting. This is quite similar to what Backfeed is trying to do, when it comes to DCO-related influence management. On the side of rewarding good content, a reputation system like Quantified Prestige might work better. As for the decentralized wiki idea: The Federated Wiki idea feels more advanced than your proposal, but unfortunately it never really took off. :( The Federated Wiki approach would solve the problem with controversies. Everyone would be able to select the version of a wiki page they prefer.
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    I'm assuming "we" don't mean Wikipedia proper and more towards MediaWiki?
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