using a 3rd party node

monkeyklawmonkeyklaw Member Posts: 9
Can someone explain two things to me:

1. Do I have to host a node with my own wallet installed to be able to use the web3.js from a normal web browser?
2. How can I use this model when Alethzero requires a popup confirmation every time I wish to spend any ether?

Any help would be massively appreciated!

thanks in advance!


  • monkeyklawmonkeyklaw Member Posts: 9
    edited October 2015
    Got it, I found this out from playing around.

    So what is the longer term goal with regards to nodes? since they store private keys they feel more like hosted servers than open nodes. How is this model going to work with mobile devices, will I need to be running the node locally all the time?

    Also what about security implications? it seems that anything running locally can create a transaction. that sound very dangerous
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