Financial Securitization of physical HPC clusters and servers

We are a startup offering financial industry-specific HPC cloud computing, co-location and financial DevOps on demand using
3rd party infrastructure. Now we want to start building of our own dedicated physical HPC clusters and financial datacenters
by integrating on-demand real-time computing and storage in multiple jurisdictions of Asia, Europe and North America.

For financing this business plan, we plan to issue self-paying preferred USD-denominated smartshares that will pay fixed dividends per quarterly basis out of the billed earnings of existing and new clients e.g. 7%p.a. on quarterly basis. For example, 1st of every 3rd calendar month. In addition to the fixed dividends, the preferred smartshares will pay a variable income earned from the royalties and revenue generated from 3rd party developers using our HPC Financial Cloud Compute API and tools as well as other integrated services. The smartshare issuance will be of 5-year tenor and will be transferable electronically. Besides investors can redeem the smartshares anytime by buying our HPC resources and trading/transaction tools.

We don't want to stake any Bitcoin for its issuance but ready to securitize or mortgage all physical Intel Xeon clusters with
Nvidia Tesla GPUs and Intel Xeon-Phi coprocessors as well as SAN servers through bank custodians/security agents in respective legal jurisdictions in a phased manner. How Ethereum is going to help us realize our goal? What kind of development and marketing support we can expect from Ethereum community to manage fundraising and fund allocation?
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