Trouble sending Eth using CMD

PansyfaustPansyfaust Member Posts: 29
So, i'm using alethzero and I have been unable to send my ether to another address. I did a test TX of 1 ether and it went to the infamous 0X00 burn address. can someone look over my input to see if I have it correct, since I've tried multiple variations and they all tell me they are going to send to the 0X000 address

eth.sendTransaction({from:0x93a90678cc2eec86bbf696f0444afd8ee11152dc, to:"0xcf884ded005c47306d7c2a1d9059dcb268673b09", value: web3.toWei(0.1, "ether"), gas: 21000})

So, any input?


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