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Hello, Im considering open-sourcing my mining pool. I have created pool from beginning. It's mostly written with php running on hhvm. Im talking about entire pool source including block splitting,proxies, front end etc... Since i have been running pool for a while, but actually didn't earned anything. Im willing to open-source for some amount of ethers to pay development efforts.
Technical informations:
-95% php, 5% python
-designed to run on hhvm
-with 200 workers online pool was keeping cpu usage under 5% (graph in attachment, dont bother with peaks, i was building development branch of ethcpp)
-PPLNS/PROP (described on pool website - if somebody needs, very easy to switch to prop or pplns instead of my idea with mixed pplns/prop)

Pool is running fine with both geth and cpp version but both of them currently have some issues, currently pool is running on go implementation.
Known issues:
-randomly returns higher balance (affect balance stats) - caused by geth, but i have already reported this to Jeff
-sometimes graphs loading time is long (to do, currently busy)

Pool is working fine. Even after opensource i will continue to manage and keep developing ethereumpool.co but anybody can create own fork with his mining pool or just contribute. But it generally will help build ethereum community pool with great transparency.

Is this possible to crowdfund 5000 ethers for this purpose ?

Can't wait to hear yours thoughts, guys!


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