[ Indonesian Review ] Ethereum Web Wallet

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jadi kali ini saya akan mempost review tentang eth web wallet

Features :

-> Wallet recovery : ( https://ethereumwallet.org/#/settings/wallet-recovery )

Your Ethereum wallet never communicates your password to our servers. This means we don’t know what your password is and cannot reset it if you forget it. Your wallet can be recovered and your funds kept safely in your control if you write down your 12-word Recovery Phrase and keep it safe. By writing down and storing your 12-word Recovery Phrase, your wallet can be recovered and your funds kept in your control.

Jadi ga kesimpan itu password anda di server nya. jadi anda mesti meng save Recovery Phase itu akan berguna jika password anda hilang .

-> 2-step Verification [ Google authenticator ] : ( https://ethereumwallet.org/#/settings/my-details )

2-Step Verification helps prevent unauthorized access to your wallet by requiring a one-time password after every login attempt. Enabling this option helps keep unauthorized users from being able to access your wallet.

anda bisa meng-aktif kan / non-aktif kan fitur ini.

-> 100% secured : ( https://ethereumwallet.org/#/security-center )

level 1 Security :
> Verified email
> Backup security phase
> Create Password hint

level 2 security :
> using google authenticator

level 3 security :
> Blocking anonymouse ip

cukup di sini saja kalau ada yang salah di benerin aja :smile:
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