Mining over 3 days @ +70MH/s... No rewards

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I've been mining over 3 days now at over 70MH/s and not one reward. I've been mining the same #c307e562…block. Ever since I did a sudo update (Ubuntu 15.04) which lead to my ACPI failure. Now I boot through the grub. I haven't won a single block. I should be wining a block a day about. Any ideas?


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    When you are mining the same block something is wrong. The average block time is 16s .. so it should start mining other blocks. This can happen when your Ethereum installation is outdated or corrupt

    Reinstall Ethereum .. if that doesnt work and you have Windows, try that. Windows is more reliable in some ways especially for mining. On ubuntu I'd always run into latency issues and what not, not worth the trouble.

    Could prob go with a server distro for more reliability rather than Ubuntu since reliability is a huge factor in mining
  • farwarefarware Member Posts: 116
    Also at 70MH/s a lot of luck is involved. Some days you wont be getting any .. 3 days is tough but it can happens. Im at 140 and on some days I just dont get any.

    Make sure to check if JSON is working ok and you can access your geth via localhost:8545
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    @farware Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a shot. I'm goona dual boot with windows 10. Try it there.

    I checked the local host i got this error
    {"id":-1,"jsonrpc":"2.0","error":{"code":-32600,"message":"Could not decode request"}}
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    mine says the exact same thing yours does, you are mining you have just been unlucky give it another day and you should get something or test out a pool just to confirm i have gone 3 days with no block before at 80mh's but then i will get 4 in a day just luck based but you should always do a sudo update and sudo upgrade to make sure you are using the latest geth client and ethminer
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    I switch to windows 10 for now. I finally won one. I followed @farware advice and installed a windows boot. Now i'm back to windows. I'll try to go back to Ubuntu in a month or so... but right now i just want it to work a week in a row.
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    @Ami I switched back to solo mining again last night and within the first 15 minutes I mined 2 blocks. The first one was stale I guess, since I did not receive any credit for it. The 2nd I mined about 10 minutes after the stale one and I did receive credit for it.

    Then this morning about 12 hours later I mined yet another and I did receive credit for it.

    Anyone know what the deal is with stale blocks? Is that an "issue" with Ethereum?
  • AmiAmi Member Posts: 39
    @MrYukonC I think there might be some bugs in ethereum. I had a similar issue. If I checked online it said i had five more them i actually did. When i finally got a reward (after 5 days, on win 10) i still had the same amount.
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