Trouble getting started with mining ETH

EfterlysTEfterlysT Member Posts: 99
I am new here and i am trying to get some nvidia gear up mining ETH.
I have some problems with getting started.

I have downloaded the updated Ethminer 0.9.41but when i fire it up my graphics driver is crashing.
I am not sure if i am doing this right ?

Do i need to install Cuda ? If so what version ?
Do i need to have Geth running in the background (geth --rpc) while using etherminer ?

I noticed another CUDA thread here on the forum with people running 750Ti cards on Windows machines with pretty good speed. But i could not find any download links to that miner ?

Right now i have Win 8.1 running on my miners, can i get it working with that or should i switch to Win 7 ?
I have never used Linux so i prefer to stay with Windows if possible.

Can someone point a noob in the right direction ?
I have really tried alot of guides but somwhow something is always giving me a hazzle to get it working.
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