Introducing Expanse EXP, the second Ethereum Fork.

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Greetings to the Ethereum community,

I would like to briefly introduce Expanse. Expanse is the second Ethereum fork, and we based it on Ethereum because we believe the technology is so innovative and with great potential, and because we want to experiment with different open source ideas using it. We very much believe in cooperation, open source projects, and value of the technology provided by the Ethereum platform. If you are curious about Expanse, please check it out, thanks!


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    Definitely have my attention. I know Franko is trustworthy professional.
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    I noticed someone on Reddit claiming Expanse never introduced themselves to the Ethereum community, clearly this is not the case as you can see here, so EXP is getting a lot of misinformation spread about it now. As Reddit seems a place where information is down voted, and therefore censored, I am replying here. The team had nothing to do with the recent huge increase in Expanse, other than we have been working hard on it.

    I can also update that the first Fork of Ethereum seems to have failed, and the third is not doing well, for those that might be interested. Expanse I believe is now the only successful Ethereum fork on coinmarketcap.
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    SOILcoin, the third fork, is actually doing quite well. we might lack the hash power towards the mining consensus machine right now, but valuation is slowly and steadily increasing, and block times, which have been a thorn in our side, are coming down well.

    we are working very hard on a number of projects, and starting to move more towards those that coincide with our original statement of direction for renewable energy and ubiquitous agricultural concerns. when you complain about disinformation being spread about your project, you shouldnt do the same thing to another project in the same breath.

    we are just working in a different direction as your project, which ive supported from day1. expanse is doing very well, and im thrilled for you guys, but please dont measure your successes as being indicative as our having failed.
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    New pool for Expanse EXP -
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