[FORHIRE] Data analytics, Visualization, AngularJS, D3, Python/Django

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I'm looking for interesting work opportunities involving analytics, charting, crypto, and/or Angular.

I'm one of the co-founders of pizzacharts.com, a cryptocurrency charting website where people can keep up with the latest price trends of bitcoin/altcoins, where I used:

1) Angular to build our portfolio tool.

2) D3.js to build a custom stock charts component to provide as good of an experience as possible for visualizing bitcoin prices.

3) Python and Django to build a data pipeline that interfaces with the APIs from various bitcoin exchanges, creating a standardized interface through which I collect and aggregate price and volume data.

To speak more to my Angular skills, I recently finished a contract with a new analytics startup to build their analytics dashboard, which will soon be customer-facing. It's a webapp built with Angular and with D3 charts.

My current strengths are:

topics: data analytics, data visualization, full-stack webdev
backend: Python, Django, MySQL
frontend: Angular, Bootstrap, D3

My LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/heliodor
My ​Github: https://github.com/heliodor
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