Olypmic fail-What's the chaindata LOG file telling me?

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Ok I've been trying to sync Olympic for weeks. I've missed the automated payouts and there's been no information provided as to how we can do it manually.
The chain has been stuck on #1031252 and appears to do nothing. There are currently 7 peers and geth (1.1.0) verbosity at 5 only appears to show peer connect traffic.

So I got to watching the LOG file in chaindata and see 2Mb worth of tables being generated at a constant rate of ~5 seconds:
13:01:21.429900 [email protected] created [email protected] N·6901 S·2MiB "^\a\x95..\xb5\x8a\xef,v280043421":"^\v\\..\xce\xce~,v176057369"
13:01:28.903900 [email protected] created [email protected] N·6938 S·2MiB "^\v\\..\xce~\x01,v176057370":"^\x0f\x14..\x04g\xbc,v529130458"
13:01:36.197900 [email protected] created [email protected] N·6750 S·2MiB "^\x0f\x14..)vN,v251181423":"^\x12\xb3..\xdc)C,v417098612"
If I close geth, the LOG shows all tables get reverted. Question is, if it's not importing block's what's going into these table and why do they get reverted if I close?
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