Tries to Make Ethereum 'Grandma-Friendly'

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tries to Make Ethereum 'Grandma-Friendly'

Paris, France, September 16, 2015 recently took its first steps towards simplifying Ethereum's user experience this week with the release of an online web wallet. Their aim is, to quote Developer Alan Dunkley, "We are actively working so that everyone including grandma can start using Ethereum." and is a first step towards a future mass adoption of the Ether protocol. Ethereum is a novel crypto currency allowing the creation of arbitrary smart contracts - something that has never been there before.

The wallet ( can perform a variety of basic functions like wallet creation, sending and receiving, all client side and open source.
Additionally, developer Alan Dunkley has expressed an active interest and development in supporting Ethereum's second generation features with an easy to use interface.

Among the most noticeable features of Alan Dunkley's are:

- Open source. Developers are encouraged to fork code and collaborate;
- Client side wallet creation and transaction signing;
- Wallets can be created off-line by downloading the web wallet (Ctrl + S);
- Encrypted version of wallet stored on server with Google Authenticator 2FA;
- Pass phrase seed backup

It is worth to point out, that the design behind provides almost the same amount of security as the use of one of the major console-based reference implementation clients.


Alan Dunkley, Co-Founder
[email protected]


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