Meteor for Ðapp development

FabianVogelstellerFabianVogelsteller Berlin, GermanyMember Posts: 13

If you think about building ab Ðapp, but don't know which JavaScript framework to use consider Meteor.

Why Meteor?

Meteor is one of the most complete JavaScript platforms for single page applications out there. It comes with all the tools you need for development (Dev-Server tool, build tool, live reload, CSS injection, pre-compiling, templating engine, client side database, etc), a lot of packages (+ every other JS library) and a development team, which constantly improves the core freatures.

Additionally the reactive programming model Meteor templates and minimongo (Its in-memory DB) use are a real helper to build fast and clean consistent interfaces.

Here at ethereum use Meteor for our Ðapps (and most of our websites too) and and i've build already a list of Meteor Ðapp packages that make building a Ðapp more fun.

Additionally you can search the ethereum github for the meteor keyword ;)

Isn't Meteor a full-stack framework?

Yes it is, but only the client part and all the tools give more then most other frameworks can offer and there is a simple way to bundle the client part only that gives you simple static files you can simply run, server from any server, or later from swarm.

How do i get started

I wrote a short tutorial that help you get started. So go ahead and checkout the Meteor Ðapp tutorial!


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