Does Geth CPU miner interfere with Ethminer GPU?

supertylersupertyler Member Posts: 15
Currently running a GPU miner (Eth/Geth) @ 11.5Mh/s

I haven't mined a block for the past 19 days, i was averaging a couple a week before that.

I know it could be variance. I also vaguely remember playing with some settings a while back (say, about 19 days ago), i think i turned on the geth miner (geth settings currently show mining:true).

I am running both Ethminer and Geth, my blockchain is synching and my coinbase is correct, everything seems as it should just that I have mined no blocks in nearly 3 weeks, so i suspect i may have broken something.

Does it matter that Geth Mining = true? Can Geth (CPU) and Ethminer (GPU) both mine in parallel? is it possible I have turned on the geth CPU miner and somehow stopped Ethminer from doing it's business? Also - if it is the solution, how do i set geth mining to false?

Any hot tips?


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