etherex project - is this the right forum for questions getting it running?

I followed the directions but I cannot get etherex to recognize the local geth client that I have running.



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    @GeorgeHallam I reached @caktux on IRC and got past my problem. In case anyone else tries this, following is the secret sauce that worked for me:

    I was trying to run etherex against my own private blockchain. The problem was that etherex was not connecting to my local geth instance. The only way I could get it to work was to modify the etherex source code (./frontend/app/js/fixtures.js) to look for geth on the machine's IP address. I was unable to get etherex to connect to my geth on localhost, even when geth was listening on localhost. I also had to mod that same file with the etherex contract address. After those 2 mods, I am able to run etherex against against a private blockchain.
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