- World's first ETH cloud mining service coming soon! [crowdfund phase]

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Hello Ethereum community!

We are a European startup company named Ethercloud. Our business branche should speak for itself ;)
Since we believe firmly in the future of Ethereum, our concept and vision is becoming reality.

Our goal is to setup a huge mining farm, and become the Hashnest/Ghash of Ethereum.
Of course, only dreams and visions wont fulfill the idea of running the largest cloud mining farm.

Currently, we are in the crowdfunding stage of our cloud mining farm. Until now, we managed to setup a 2.3Gh/s mining rig.
Using crowdfunding, we want to keep expanding this farm by adding hardware on a weekly base.
All purchases will be posted publicly, so we will be transparent with the investors of this crowdfunding campaing.

Once in production, we can offer on demand hosting for as cheap as 0.044$/Mh on our Enterprise package! Regular base price at this time is 0.05$/Mh

Below you will find our package pricing table, along with the crowdfunding rewards if you decide to invest in our project.

We would love this place to become our official forum thread.

Let's talk about reality and numbers;

We have free space and electricity inside a pharmaceutical facility.
Maybe we need to start paying a share for electricity consumption in the (near) future as our hardware supply keeps growing.
But until now, it's all for free (relatives running the facility)

Our only cost to expand is the mining hardware itself. This also allowes us to offer cloud mining at competitive priceranges.

We are working on open source mining proxy to divide the hashrates to specific pools. Users will also be ablo to mine other coins running the Ethereum algo.

Realistic time for opening for the general public is +/- October 2015. We need at least 5Gh hashrate to fulfill the demand.

Crowdfunding payments are processed by coinpayments. Paypal and Bitcoin are accepted, we are working to implent Ethereum acceptance

Please show us your support for our project and visit
Our official Twitter account is

Kind regards,


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