Lost Wallet File [Windows]

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Hello all.

Ethereum launched at the worst possible time for me. I had the biggest test of my life a few days after it launched, and I don't know code by any means. I had to try to balance learning how to mine and studying for the days up to my test. I was able to get 2 of my 280x's mining for the past month or so. I solo mined one block, and mined 87 or so Ether on ethpool.org.

Today, at work, I went to go try to learn the basics of the currency to discover I did not have a keystore folder, and none of my ether I mined is accessible. The 87 or so Ether I mined is stuck on ethpool.org, and the other 5 are in a wallet that I cannot find, although I think they may be stuck on an Alethzero wallet that is apparently not the same format and not import-able into Geth.

I am afraid I may have re-installed Ethereum and it deleted my keystore folder. I did not really know what I was doing at first, so I played with Eth++ and Alethzero, but finally landed on using geth and ethminer. Who knows what I did during that experimenting. Sadly, I've lost around 90 Ether or so, and I'm pretty devastated about it.

I know both my public and private keys for each account.

So I ask the community, is there a way to generate a wallet file with the public and private keys? I know counterwallet has a system like this. Is this at all possible, or will it be in the future for Ethereum? Is there hope for my Ether?


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