Intellectual Property Data + Human Intelligence Tasks

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Dear Ethereum Community,

Summary: I would like to outsource a data processing task that requires a human intelligence step and reward workers with a token.
I am the proprietor of several specialized intellectual property databases. The right queries return valuable nuggets of marketable legal data, including the ability to identify various intellectual property infringement actions in the wild. My first product is software that allows law firms to monitor their clients’ IP.

I would like to focus on a related product - the product I am currently developing - which is effectively the database in Product #1 referenced against my new data source.

My new table contains more than four million unique business listings (and scraping) which I then link to my identified infringements. I am able to use this data to produce leads for law firms through several avenues contemplated in the laws of my state.
When I run my query to compare Business_Listings x Infringements, I have a problem of false-positives which requires a human intelligence step. The step requires absolutely no knowledge of the law. The submitted work is a form questionnaire.
I would like to implement some sort of a crowd-work system for my software wherein workers are rewarded a crypto token for their labor. Workers should be rewarded some flat-rate for their work, as well as a bonus for discovering data that eventually generates business. Seeking advice on this point.

I estimate approximately 10,000 tasks per week with my current data, of which a smaller subset will be bonus-eligible. The number of tasks will increase as I add other data sources.

I need a consensus system of some sort to defend against abuse/bots/lazy workers. So, perhaps, consensus is 2 out of 3, as the work performed will be expensive. Seeking advice here.

My company will market and sell the information. Some percentage of the revenue from sales will be controlled by a smart contract. The total supply of the token is determined by the the number of false-positives in my database. Value of 1 token = total revenue in account/total supply of token.
All IP related databases are complete, active, and updating weekly.

I am writing to seek the community’s thoughts and recommendations. If you are interested in getting involved, please let me know. Are there any Dapps that might help me?

Seeking team/developers/cofounders/investors/community/advice.
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