Transaction not recieved

So over the past few days I've managed to get geth-stable running on Windows. My local chain manager is keeping up with the blocknumbers in real time, so I'm confident there. I generated an address and transfered .01 eth to this address using a coin exchange that I have used in the past for altcoint transactions in the past. After a few minutes the transaction went from PENDING to complete, but running 'web3.fromWei(eth.getBalance(eth.coinbase), "ether")' returns 0. It's been over 45 minutes yet and still nothing. I checked my coinbase address and what I assume is a transaction hash in two different blockchain explorers and neither numbers show up.

I'm not sure how to verify that I've generated a valid wallet or confirm that the transaction was actually recorded or if something is wrong with the exchange.


  • rounddrum39rounddrum39 Member Posts: 4
    I've opened a support ticket with the exchange, will report back tomorrow.
  • corneliscornelis Member Posts: 8
    This sounds similar to me. I used the geth (0) account to buy small amount of ether with bitcoin. The website showed completed transaction to supplied account but enquiring over geth with above account balance request results in 0. Does the blockchain need to download before the balance is available?
  • corneliscornelis Member Posts: 8
    duh... of course it does. eth.blockNumber will show where the download is up to. Find the block number on blockchain explorer. This is so cool. Those on expensive bandwidth may like to wait till the library.
  • rounddrum39rounddrum39 Member Posts: 4
    I heard back from the exchange after I opened my ticket. They re-submitted it and it showed up on the blockchain and is now showing up in my wallet.

    I wanted to do a small transaction to make sure I was setup properly before I mistakenly sent 30 coins into limbo.
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