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We've won an award - now we want to build a team.

The vision is to tackle the problem that 97% of companies don't measure or tell us how they impact the communities or environment around. Unwittingly, these companies are making a huge impact to our lives, contributing to huge issues such as climate change. That's 110 million companies worldwide that are keeping secrets from us.

But this is about to change. All countries are gathering at the end of the September to sign off on the global 'Sustainability Development Goals'. This is the starting pistol for countries to legislate for companies to meet minimum standards on a range of 17 different goals (SDGs) - from CO2 emissions, to fair wages, to tackling tax evasion.

And once governments legislate, they will need companies to gather this information and report it.

But here's the problem. These 97% of companies are small (SMEs) and don't know where to start. Most software systems are aimed at large companies and cost $4000+ per year. Also, their staff time is at a premium.

This is where we come in. We'll use crowd-sourcing, and blockchain verification to jump-start small companies into action. We'll start their account for them, completely free, and ask them to upgrade later at an extremely competitive rate.

It's working title is 'The Open Pledge' and it's going to be an open, collaborative community project and based on Ethereum.

We've won a competition to get this project profiled at an international event of top decision-makers, and we need collaborators. The award is under wraps and will be announced soon. Bit if you're passionate about social justice and the environment - then please get in touch.

We're putting together a business plan, but an outline of the project is described here under its working title: http://www.theopenpledge.net. Email me on [email protected] if you're interested.

Note to Stephan Tual - please forgive me Stephen if I have breached any protocol - I'll gladly put it right. I am not an Ethereum expert.
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