decentralized city planning (DApp)

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Architecture and city-planning has been painfully centralised. What if there was an easy way to decentralise it ? Architecture is basically manifested imagination, and everyone has their own ideas. In a small holon of 10,000 people, how could we create a platform where everyone got their voice heard ?

I came up with a currency called INFLUENCE. Influence is distributed based on some metrics, maybe land-ownership, maybe influence could increase over time after you move into a property. The main idea is to use some metrics to distribute INFLUENCE, what metrics is sort of fluid.

A persons INFLUENCE can then be used to back projects on a decentralised city planning platform. And a person could also give their influence to other people who they believe would back beautiful projects. The projects that gain the highest amount of INFLUENCE could then be automatically funded by some type of city-planning-crowd-funding platform that could perhaps connect to wealth streams from this platform --->

Really liked the idea, a free-market-esque voting platform, haven't heard a lot of conversation along these lines, putting it out there.
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